Pricing Policies

Roll-over Text Message Credits:

  • All of your text message credits always roll-over to the following month so you never lose them! That means if your monthly plan buys 1,000 text credits per month, and you only use 900 that month, the remaining 100 remain in your account for you to use and never expire! If you need more text message credits added to your account right away you can always buy buckets of text credits (at any time).

Mobile Keywords:

  • Mobile Keyword technology is currently only supported in the US. That means if someone tries to text your Mobile Keyword from outside of the US, they will not be able to automatically join your distribution list and they will not receive an automated text response from you. However, you can create an Online Sign-up Page where people can enter their international mobile numbers very easily. You can also select a professionally designed sign-up page template to link to your website.


  • There are no refunds on purchases of text message credits. All purchases are final.
  • Regarding graphics and promotional materials such as, but not limited to: banners, flyers, coasters, in-store signage, custom-designed mobile coupons, API integrations, mobile wesbites, and other design work, Chicago Mobile Marketers reserves the right offer an exchange before considering a refund. In such cases, customer must show that completed work differs in textual content from the exact text provided to Chicago Mobile Marketers by customer in advance. refunds on such work will only be given in such case as Chicago Mobile marketers cannot complete work with the exact text provided by the customer in advance.

National and International Usage/Charges

  • Sending a mobile text message to any US phone number costs 1 text credit (i.e. sending a text message to 100 phones costs 100 credits).
  • Sending to an international mobile number costs 2.5 credits per message.

Usage and Charges for Return Texts

  • There is absolutely no charge if people text your mobile keyword for their initial mobile signup or if they verify their phone by replying with OK after entering their number on your Online Signup Page).
  • Also, you do NOT get charged if people text HELP or STOP.
  • However, please note that if customers respond to any survey or contest or text your keyword more than once, each reply or keyword text will cost you half a credit (0.5 text credits).

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