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Chicago Mobile Marketers ONLY uses true SMS text messaging technologly. Why is this important? Because only true SMS text messages arrive instantly, intergrate with all carriers, and have the highest message delivery rate. Other products, like SMPT messaging for instance, utilize emailing server gateway technology (every mobile phone number has an email address). This technology often results in losing control of delivery time, messages being dropped, and customers receiving text messages from out-of-state area codes.

Our revolutionary mobile marketing software platform allows you to use premium features such as MMS picture and video texting, graphical mobile coupons, e-cards, website and Facbook integration, and simlutaneous messaging in all pricing plans AT NO EXTRA CHARGE.

Chicago Mobile Marketers is so much more than a website you log into to send text messages. We offer a dedicated mobile marketing expert assigned to your account who trains you and can design a mobile marketing strategy based on your business needs, goals, and budget- AT NO EXTRA CHARGE.

Your mobile marketing expert can even come to your business, train you and your staff, and provide valuable list building materials like banners, flyers, posters and coasters for businesses who need help building their moblie marketing lists. Depending on your plan, Chicago Mobile Marketers also provides free or deeply discounted supplemental services like coupon design and mobile website construction.

Chicago Mobile Marketers is a locally based company with real offices and live customer service and tech support professionals standing by to serve you and help you grow your business. Many mobile marketing “companies” are little more than websites some techie threw up.

An alarming trend we’ve noticed is what we call “pyramiding.” “Pyramiding” is the practice of a business technically engaging in mobile marketing, messaging, or advertising. Then they sign up “afilliates” and “agents” for a fee. Those “affiliates” and “agents” technically enter an agreement to sell mobile marketing for a cut, but then are encourged to get others to sign up and pay a fee “under them.” They are then promised a cut from everyone who signs up “under them” and “under” ach underling. They seem focused on making money from the pyramid, rather than by helping you grow your business.

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