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Mobile Marketing for Bands Reaches Fans Instantly

Bands, venues, DJs, gentlemen’s clubs and other entertainers can now reach all their fans instantly with mobile marketing. Chicago Mobile Marketers can also ramp up your fab base 24/7.

In less time than it takes to send an email your band can blast out a text message marketing campaign to all your fans an hour before that Friday night show. 97% of the text messages are opened within 3 minutes. Lets say its Saturday night, and you’re venue still has unsold tickets for tonight’s metal band. You send a picture text message of the band half an hour before show time offering 30% off tickets to a list of fans who attended metal shows in the past. A line around the block shows up! Game over!

Or, you send a video text of Brandy, your gentlemen’s club’s featured dancer that night (fully clothed pls), offering 2 free drinks to everyone who shows up with that text on their phone. Game over! Your club’s screens flash a request for fans to text-vote for their favorite song. You’ve instantly built a mobile marketing list of 750+ people. An hour later, you send out a text blast to those fans announcing the bar is offering last call. Game over!

Mobile Marketing Bands Chicago

Mobile Marketing for Bands and entertainment venues in Chicago works great with other media. Use our API function to put a sign-up widget on the front page of your website or facebook, and effortlessly grow your fan base using text message marketing for bands and venues!

Engage, entertain, and mobileize your fans with interactive, personal mobile marketing including: VIP clubs, voting, contests, trivia, text-to-screen and custom applications that immediately build your fan base and increase sales and attendance. Simultaneously connect with social networks like Facebook with every message!


  • Contests: Contests and giveaways engage fans while building your list!
    • Every 30th person gets a free drink
    • Free CD or t-shirt for every 25 person to text in
    • Back stage passes – 30th text received
  • Voting: Have fans vote on anything and watch your customer list grow!
    • Favorite song
    • Favorite band member
    • Hottest waitress
    • Buy our new CD get in Free
  • Personal Invites, Discounts, and Incentives: Mobilize fans to concerts by sending instant personal invitations, discounts amd incentives (95% read rate and a 20-50% response rate!)
    • 2 for 1 cover charge
    • Sign up as a VIP on our website and get 30% off all merchandise
  • VIP Club: Create a VIP FAN CLUB, building your fan base while informing them of events and news
    • Event/band times
    • Personal invites
    • Back Stage Passes
    • After show parties
  • Custom API : Build your fan base right from your website home page with out API!

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