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Not for Profit organizations and charities are realizing the power of mobile marketing combined with their traditional marketing channels like TV and radio to create and maintain a loyal and committed base of donors, supporters and volunteers. Mobile marketing’s ability to reach a wide group of people in a targeted and cost effective way makes it an essential part of your Not for Profit or Charity organization’s marketing plan.

Chicago Mobile Marketers will help you to reach a targeted audience and has a response rate that is almost instant and higher than traditional direct marketing channels. It is cost effective, fast, and easy to implement. Its also much more measurable.

Choose from a variety of Not for Profit and Charity mobile marketing solutions including mobile registrations to build your customer database, text message alerts and text clubs for ongoing communication with your supporters about the latest news, events and donating opportunities, text-to-win contests, and SMS trivia games.

Our API integration can build an opt-in window right on your website or Facebook page so you can effortlessly increase your supporter list to communicate with. With Chicago Mobile Marketers, you can even send text messages and emails at the same time to your supporters. Whatever your Not for Profit or Charity organization’s marketing needs are, Chicago Mobile Marketers can tailor a mobile marketing solution to meet them.

What are the benefits?

  • Faster and cheaper than direct mail and more effective than e-mail.
  • Build a database for ongoing marketing communications
  • Inform your public quickly and precisely about a new event.
  • Let supporters know about the latest news to keep them engaged and committed to the cause.
  • Inform donors of donating opportunities instantly
  • Create a members club to build support among current donors
  • Increase donations and support
  • Drive supporters to your website

Carrier billed donation when texting

Finding ways to quickly and effectively raise funds for an emergency, natural disaster or other worthy cause is important to everyone involved. Mobile giving is the newest mainstream channel to make that possible. In the past donations have taken a long time to reach their intended recipient but that has all changed. Chicago Mobile Marketers provides a Text-to-Give service that enables individuals to make a donation to the cause of their choice. The amount donated is charged to their next cell phone bill. It is simple to use and extremely effective. Below are examples of exactly how easy it is for a donor to make a donation either initiated by phone or web. The transaction is then billed to their cell phone bill.

Campaigns include:

  • Alerts and Notifications to donors, sponsors and teams.
  • Internal alerting to members to keep everyone connected during events.
  • Event Marketing – provide two-way chat for team members.
  • Text2Screen to promote real time posting or fundraising.
  • Mobile Fundraising – provide text donations for various campaigns.
  • Micro-Donations through wireless carrier billing (ex.. The Red Cross Haiti campaign)
  • Voting by SMS – power polls and real-time campaigns to solicit feedback.
  • Ongoing Mobile Marketing via text blasts.

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