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Mobile Marketing Sells More Pizza! Forget the newspapers, coupon mailers and the yellow pages! Restaurants who want to grow in our new “social-media” age must embrace mobile marketing! We love Chicago pizza and want to see your business grow. Mobile marketing can help pizzerias and any type of takeout restaurant more boost your orders anywhere in Chicago. Talk about a recipe for success!

Here’s how it works. Chicago Mobile Marketers will help you quickly build a 100% Opt-in mobile list so you can start marketing to your clients. In less time than it takes to send an e-mail, you log into Chicago Mobile Marketers’ Revolutionary Mobile Marketing Platform, and send out a text message coupon for 20% off a large pizza, good for that night only. Then heat up the ovens and watch the customers pour in!

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Little Caesars recently announced a 62% text-in rate for their mobile marketing sweepstakes campaign- dramatic proof that pizza works well with mobile marketing. After all, Papa Johns recently reached the $1 million sales in just 4 months by integrating mobile marketing into their website. DiGiorno’s created a text marketing campaign to help people get out of a bad date by going home and eating pizza. Domino’s and Pizza Hut joined the club as well!

Chicago Mobile Marketers puts the same text message marketing capabilities and more into your hands, no matter how large or small your pizzeria is! We specialize in creating and implementing mobile text message marketing campaigns for small and mid-size businesses! With our robust and easy-to-use Mobile Marketing Platform, mobile marketing costs a fraction of the time and money spent on other advertising, while yielding a much higher rate of return.

Just starting out? We can get your new pizza business off the ground and ahead of others’ in light-speed. Chicago Mobile Marketers helps you build your own unique mobile marketing list. You retain control of what and when you market! Below are just some of the ways that pizza and take-out restaurant mobile marketing and SMS messaging are being used to boost orders…

Calculate the money you can make using Mobile Marketing

opt-in customers


promo messages per month


*percent redemption rate


dollars for each special offer



dollars per month!

*Some of our Pizza or takeout clients are seeing 20%-30% redemption rates for special offers. Use the tool above to calculate how much money you could make by using text message marketing as part of your marketing strategy.


  • It’s a slow night, the phone are dead. You immediately send a message to your mobile marketing customer list, “10% off a large pizza with this text, good tonight only!”
  • With a 97% read rate and a 20%-50% respond rate, watch your customers rush to your door.

In the age of all the daily deal sites, customers now expect deals, and that’s why mobile coupons for pizza and takeout have taken off. Why pay a middleman like a coupon vendor when you can instantly customize and send any promotion you like to all of your customers for a fraction of the cost? With mobile marketing, your customers don’t have to pre-purchase any coupons. All they have to do is show up with their mobile phone and buy pizza!

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