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by syahrul on July 14, 2011

The use of Mobile Marketing and SMS marketing for politicians in Chicago is growing in popularity.  There are several Chicago political campaigns using text message marketing, SMS marketing and mobile marketing to further their political campaigns and spread their message among their constituents.

When utilizing sms marketing for politicians in Chicago Illinois, placing  a phone number within an SMS campaign can be a powerful tool. In theory, placing a phone number into an SMS message allows the recipient to easily click-to-call directly from the received text message. But to be completely honest, I wasn’t really promoting this tactic, until one political SMS campaign opened my eyes to the power of a phone number inside a political SMS campaign.

Scott Brown, who at the time was a little known political candidate for the Massachusetts Senate seat. After creating his SMS campaign, supporters quickly opted-in, and within a month he had thousands of SMS subscribers. Then Scott Brown sent one text message that opened my eyes to the power of click-to-call phone numbers in SMS campaigns. The message received by all of his supporters is embedded below. FYI – Martha Coakley was running against Scott Brown in the election.

With the average text message being opened within three minutes of being received, it was no surprise that the radio station reported that 90% of all callers into that show were Scott Brown supporters. This one text message proved without a doubt that using click-to-call phone numbers within an Illinois SMS campaign message was not only doable, but it also produces tangible results. Such good results that Scott Brown went on to win the election, beating his opponent Martha Coakley.

While not everyone using SMS marketing is running a political campaign in Chicago, I still see big benefits for all types of businesses in using click-to-call phone numbers within an SMS campaign message. Below are some of the ideas I have for other types of SMS campaigns to utilize click-to-call in their messages.

Chicago Salons/Spas – “Make an appointment by the end of the day today and receive 20% any services. Call (312) 533-4210 and mention this text message. EXP 1/1/12″

Restaurants – “Too busy to cook tonight? Call us (312) 533-4210 and mention this text message to receive 15% off any take-out order. EXP 1/1/12″

Entertainment – “Tickets are now on sale for Dane Cook LIVE, call (312) 533-4210 immediately as there are only 200 available. Will go fast!”

Conferences – “New rooms have just opened up at the Hilton across the street. Call Now to make a reservation (312) 555-4012 and mention the discount code: MXY for complementary breakfast.”

Retail – “We just received a case of 1787 Chateau Lafite Bordeaux wine, very rare. Call us now to reserve a bottle for your private collection (312) 555-4012″


Mobile Marketing for politicians in Chicago is fast becoming a necessity.    The marketing possibilities and the ability to get your targeted political message out to your followers in real time is unmatched by any other marketing medium.    If your a politician in Chicago interested in SMS marketing, Mobile marketing or text message marketing please contact Chicago Mobile Marketers Inc to learn more.

What do you think about using phone numbers within an SMS campaign message? Do you have any examples of successful campaigns this has worked on? Any failures.   Please comment below.

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