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Political Mobile Marketing Chicago Illinois
Political campaigns require you to constantly get the word out about your candidate, issues, or political party. Mobile marketing will help you instantly reach voters throughout the entire life of a political campaign, from the early campaigning stages right up to voting day. Political mobile marketing is the perfect way to support your political campaign because voters and supporters can be reached 24/7 on their most personal and timely device: their cell phone.

Choose from a variety of Chicago Political Text Message Marketing Solutions, including political text message alerts. Stay in contact with voters, inform them of news and events, and remind them of voting day. You can contact supporters with volunteering opportunities and fundraising initiatives, or even conduct political SMS polling using mobile marketing election polls.



Political Mobile Marketing Chicago
Promote your candidate and connect with voters using Chicago Mobile Marketers advanced mobile marketing platform. We can tailor a political mobile marketing solution to meet your political campaign needs.


Chicago Political Text Marketing Campaigns Include:

  • Text Alerts and Notifications to keep interested participants connected to the cause.
  • Group Communication – ideal for various teams on the campaign trail.
  • Text Codes – provide information on demand. Add a text code to each sign or billboard.
  • Micro-Donations – provide the ability for participants to pledge $5 or $10 to the campaign.
  • Mobile Fundraising – give people an opportunity to donate through mobile.

Political Mobile Marketing Campaigns in Illinois

Campaigns for local office, State House or Senate races, federal elections for congress, governor or mayor all need mobile marketing communications to keep their supporters engaged. Mobile Marketing can power everything from informational keyword campaigns to donation solicitations. Take every sign printed and add mobile marketing to every corner or front yard.


mobile marketing for politicians in Chicago election mobile marketing

  • Increase votes for your candidate or political party
  • Connect with voters in a personally and immediately
  • Ensure maximum turn out at campaign events
  • Stay connected with supporters to increase volunteering and fundraising participation
  • Keep voters directly and immediately informed of campaign news from the best source – you!
  • Drive followers to your website or talk show call-ins
  • Grow your supporter list by having a mobile sign-up on your website

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