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Mobile Marketing Delivers Results for Restaurants!

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Restaurant mobile marketing can reach all your customers instantly with mobile coupons or promotions. Only SMS text marketing allows restaurants to manage your customer flow in real-time! When the reservations are down, with less time and effort than it takes to send an email, you can send promotional deals to customers- such as a free appetizer or 10% off their next meal. 97% of the messages are opened within 3 minutes! Your customers then come into your restaurant, show the text message promotion, then sit down to order!

Restaurant Text Message Marketing is extremely targeted. You can send out a text message promotion 30 minutes before noon to get customers to come to your restaurant for lunch. Or, maybe you want to send a text message offering drink specials on a low-traffic night. It’s simple, lightning-fast, and customers who respond to restaurant mobile marketing promotions usually spend more per-check than your average customer! Restaurant mobile coupon redemption rates dwarf print or internet coupon redemption rates!


Interactive Revenue Calculator for Restaurant Mobile Marketing

opt-in customers

promo messages per month

*percent redemption rate

dollars for each special offer


dollars per month!

*We are seeing redemption rates for Restaurant text message marketing in the 20-30% range. Adjust the numbers above to calculate how much money you could be making.

Expand Your Clientele

Chicago Mobile Marketers puts the power of restaurant mobile marketing directly into your hands. Build your own list, market your own specials, and control your own destiny! Why pay a daily deal site or coupon broker? With Chicago Mobile Marketers, your customers don’t have to pre-purchase your coupons. By sending out regular SMS text messages promoting your restaurant’s exclusive offers, you build a loyal clientele, while reaching new patrons through customer referrals. A restaurant patron who has signed up for your restaurant SMS text messaging service usually brings friends or family into your restaurant.


Become Your Own Restaurant Mobile Marketing Firm!

Chicago Mobile Marketers can help you quicky grow your mobile marketing list with 100% Opt-in customers! Simply advertise your restaurant’s SMS text message marketing program via your website, print ads, table tents, or have your servers promote it. Then include some form of immediate incentive or discount to entice people to join the program.

All customers need to do is text a keyword to a five digit number, or “short code.” For instance, your server might ask her tables to text “TGIF” to “12345” to get 10% of tonight’s meal. One of our mobile marketing experts will walk you through each step and train your staff to implement one of our customer mobile list building strategies. We can also provide awesome marketing materials like posters, banners, flyers, and coasters that will help you quickly build your restaurant mobile marketing customer list!


  • It’s a slow night, your restaurant is empty. You immediately send a message to your mobile marketing opt-in database, “Buy 1 get 1 FREE coupon, from 5-9pm today!”
  • With a 97% read rate and a 20%-50% respond rate, watch your customers rush to your door.

Using our simple web-based Restaurant Mobile Marketing Platform you can now send mobile coupons and information to drive your customers to your door, anytime, anywhere. Continue using mobile marketing campaigns to engage your customers and grow your restaurant mobile marketing database. With our system, you simply log in and send your message to all your customers in less time than it takes to send an email. Our mobile marketing experts will personally and quickly train you. Get started today.

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