Text Marketing for Schools in Illinois

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Keep students in the loop for emergencies and important events

Simultaneous MOBILE TEXT, IM, and EMAIL alerts ensure important messages are read in time – far beyond mobile text alone. When it comes to safety and important events, you’ll be sure that your alerts are read by students!

Send out alerts for…

  • Emergency broadcast alerts
  • Important news
  • Weather alerts / advisories
  • School closings
  • Event cancellations
  • Terrorist alerts
  • All-points-bulletins (APB)
  • Lock-downs(APB)

SMS text messaging is also the best way to inform students of meetings, sports events, plays, elections, parent-teacher conferences, etc. Chicago Mobile Marketers helps you make custom lists for each group/club/team/activity/class that your students can be a part of.  We offer a complete School Text Messaging Service. That means in about the time it takes to send an email you can alert the football team that their practice has been cancelled due to weather, promote a student council election to all students, and alert everyone in Mrs. Smith’s homeroom that they will be using a different classroom tomorrow!

Instantly promote the following events:

  • Plays
  • Emergencies & Alerts
  • Projects
  • Sporting events
  • Meetings
  • After school programs
  • Fundraising
  • Project due dates

Text Messaging for Schools in Illinois

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