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by syahrul on July 15, 2011

Look around on the streets of Chicago and everywhere you look you see people on their smartphones. 55% of Americans that purchased a new handset in the past three months, purchased a smartphone. The continued proliferation of the purchase of smartphones is leading to a huge increase in the number of Americans who will soon be using a smartphone device. 38% of Americans currently own a smartphone, but that number will increase to 55% by Sept, 2011, according to Nielsen.

Smartphone / Cell phone marketing in Chicago is taking off! Businesses all over Chicago are using cell phone marketing technology like Text Message Marketing, SMS Marketing, Chicago Mobile Coupons, and even Text Message Trivia to engage their customers and drive sales.

Based on the ever increasing number of Americans now using smartphones, its easy to see why marketers are increasingly excited about using QR Codes in their promotions. In fact, with custom QR Codes, Chicago advertisers can brand their product as well as offer a convenient access point to their marketing message.

Android continues to be the most popular smartphone operating system, with 38 percent of smartphone consumers owning Android devices. However, while Android also leads among those who recently purchased a new smartphone, it is the Apple iPhone that has shown the most growth in recent months.

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